Episode 30: CEO Activism: Does It Pay?


This episode of The EC Minute looks at the 2018 CEO Activism Survey recently released by The Rock Center for Corporate Governance Stanford and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The survey sought to discover how people think about CEOs that champion environmental, social or political issues, and how such activism impacted consumers desire to buy goods from such CEOs’ companies depending on whether the respondents agreed or disagreed with the issues championed by the CEOs.


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Episode 28: A New LTI Design


This episode of the EC Minute takes a look at Regis Corporation’s (NYSE: RGS) new long-term incentive (LTI) design for Fiscal 2019. The design is reminiscent of one used by a private equity controlled company, insofar as it has front-loaded equity grants, plus the possibility of additional equity grants during the next 5 years only if the participant invests in company stock.

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