Episode 25: ISS & “Excessive” Non-Employee Director Pay


This episode of The EC Minute looks at the ISS policy with respect to “excessive” non-employee director pay. Specifically, the episode looks to see where ISS might draw the line on what it considers to be “excessive” pay based on its FAQ on the topic as well as research conducted by Exequity on director compensation.


Click here to download the slides for this episode. 


Click here to gain access to the Exequity Client Briefing, Non-Employee Director Compensation: How Much Is Too Much?

Episode 16: ISS’ 2019 Global Policy Survey


This episode of the EC Minute looks at ISS’ 2019 Global Policy Survey which was released July 30, 2018. This episode discusses the two parts to the survey, the deadlines for submitting survey responses, the topics covered in the survey, and the next steps ISS will take once the survey results are in.

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Click here to download the slides for Episode 16

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